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Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog to another URL

Hello Friends, today am posting a trick to Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog to another URL.Many people have blog's and sometime they delete there blogs and wants to redirect their old blog to new blog so that they can't lose there old visitors and traffic coming to there old blog. This tick is very helpful to redirect your old blog traffic of  your new blog traffic.I have seen some bloggers to start new blogs but they are worried about generating new traffic so they sometime use Traffic Exchange to Increase Traffic of there new blog. Its a solution for those bloggers to get there old traffic back to new blog.

Best Blogger zone provide you a JavaScript to Redirect Blog to another Blog. This this very simple to use this script in your blogger blog. Your Just have to paste the below given JavaScript in your blog Template. This will automatically redirect traffic going to your old one blog to new blog. Just you have to do is to paste this into your blog from which you want to redirect traffic to new one. If you are worried how to install this JavaScript to to your blog then take it easy i will also teach you how to install this small JavaScript in your blog. Just you have to follow this below step. How to install this JavaScript.

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How to Install this JavaScript

  • Login to you Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Template Section
  • Click Edit Template
  • Click some where in template and press CTRL+F
  • Search for </head>
  • Paste Below JavaScript above it
  • Hit save template
  • You have done

Note: Change my blog link with yours.
Note: Click Download Button to get JavaScript 
Your Turn
We hope you like our this tutorial and find it very helpful. Best Blogger Zone present many tutorials to help you to increase your knowledge in this field of blogging. Share with your friends on social media. Stay tune for more.


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