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Overview of Blogger Dashboard

After the previous tutorial How to make your own blog. Best Blogger Zone presents your new tutorial "Overview of Blogger Dashboard." In this tutorial you will learn all the features present in your blogger dashboard. Basically dashboard means where all the tools are available. Same as Blogger Dashboard contains 11 main tools. as shown in below picture
Overview of Blogger Dashboard
On the left hand you can see some tools.
  •         New Post
  •         Overview
  •         Post
  •         Pages
  •         Comments
  •         Google+ 
  •         Stats
  •         Earning 
  •         Campaigns
  •         Layout
  •         Template
  •         Setting
Detail about the above mention tools

  1. New Post: 

When you click on this you will see the page link shown below.
Where you can write your post and this is same as you type in Microsoft Office.

This Post Contains both features "Compose" and "HTML". If you have a good knowledge about HTML language then you can  post using your HTML. But if you don't know the ABC of HTML then you can also post like HTML. Blogger Provide you this feature. One think kept in mind when you post some thing you are thinking that you are not using HTML Language ,you are Wrong. Reason is blogger automatically converts your Text in HTML language which is very very cool.

  2. Overview

In this section you will be able to see your blog basic stats and comments , pages views today etc etc.

 3. Post

This section contains all the post you have posted or save to draft. If you wants to edit any post or delete from your blog you can do that from this section.

 4.  Pages

The Page feature of the blogger is totally different from the post because post will be publish n your blog but the page will not. If you want to publish your page you have to paste the link in menu.


You will see all the comments here those comments which needs your approval and those you have approved. You can also reply to any comments from here and delete any comments.

 6. Google+

Here is the cool feature by which you can share your post directly to the Google Social Media named as Google+ which is most popular source of traffic to your blog. Social media also help to make money.

Lean How to Make Money From Socail Media 

 7. Stats

By using this tool of blogger blog you will be able to see the traffic coming from which country and on which page the traffic is coming or landing. Which will give you a idea which this you visitors link.

 8. Earning :)

The best cool option for which every blogger dreams. You can monetize your blog by showing the Google AdSense Ads. No one trust that making money from your blog or website is possible! But every one trust on Google so you can earn money from Google which is the best every monetizing network in the world.

 9. Campaign

If you wants to make popular blog you can you this tool by giving Ad to Google (This need to invest money). This is same as giving ad in newspaper to promote your business.

 10. Layout

This section contains all the widgets of your blog you have places. Basically it is the structure of your blog. You can place any widget you want.

 11. Template

Template is the bone of any blog or website. Template is the design of your blog. You are seeing our blog it also contains a template. Template also paly a rule in optimizing your blog. The template you apply on your blog should have following qualities.

  • SEO Friendly
  • Adsense Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to Use

  12. Setting

All the setting for your blog are made from this section this is the back bone of your blog. Setting play an important rule in Search.
You can Learn all the important Setting here in SEO Tutorials

SEO Tutorials ( Coming Soon)


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