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New Trick to get Facebook Likes and Followers 101% Working

Hello dear friends. As you all knows that best blogger zone have share tricks to boost your social media presence. By using these tricks you can get facebook(Post Likes,Shares,Page Likes, Followers) Twitter (Followers,Retweets) Youtube (Views, Comments, Subscribers, Likes) and many more social media boosters . Click here to Learn there Also

In this Tutorial you will learn a New Trick to get Facebook Likes and Followers.

By using this trick you can get 200+ Likes/Followers at a time. These Likes may be Post likes, Page Likes and Flollowers.

Follow the Guide Given below step by step.

  1. Go to this website. Click Here
  2. Click Get Access Token
Get Access Token
     3. Allow Facebook Application and Get access Token.

First Step: Click On The First Click Here To Allow Permissions!

Second Step: After skiping the ad you will see message on you Screen to allow to app to access your facebook account...!
When you commplete the second step you will see some text on your screen at that time you have to copy the Link from that page. And paste that link in box like shown below.

The Link you have copied is your password and its change every time when you sign In.
By using this app you can get real followers, Post Likes,Comments Likes etc.

5. Follow the below Steps to get Post Likes.

How to gets auto Likes on Post or Comments.

  • First of all post something on your facebook timeline or any other place. For Example
  • After posting something Click on the Post Time

  • After about step you have to Copy the Custom ID of your post from link.
  • And paste this post ID in blox like shown below 
  • You almost have Done! You will got 100-200+ Likes depends upon users online at that time.

Follow the Below steps to get Comment Likes

  • You Have to comment something on any post any where you want to get comments likes.
  • For this you have to Copy the post and comment ID  as shown in below picture
You have to copy post and comment ID and paste in the box like this.350226465144507_350230858477401
After pasting the both ID's click on Local
  • Again you have Done with Comment Likes. 
  • I hope you will enjoy this Trick.
Your Turn.
We hope you will really Enjoyed our this New Trick to get Facebook Likes and Followers 101% Working Tutorial. Share this will your Loved once on social media.
If you Need any help just Comment Below i will try to help your as some as possible. 

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