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Make Money From Social Media

Hello dear friends. Nowadays every one is using social media and also every day they use that platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc etc. They almost wasting there time because  they spends hours in using social media and do not Make Money from them. So i made this tutorial for you and also some of my friends are searching for Making Money from Facebook but they don't trust on any one.Now in this urdu/hindi video tutorial in am gonna show you how to Make Money from these Social media and this method can also use for website,blog,wordpress also.

As you know that many bloggers use this method to make money because the have copied content from others blog so they do not use Adsense to make money from there blog. They usually short the link by which the visitor will see the 5 - 10 second ads and after which he skips the ad to reach his location.
This method can be use on social media.

How to use Short Links method on Social Media:
 Every one who is using social media will share useful links with the friends. If the same link will be monetized. I have searched some best network which will pay you good amount on unique visitors

Unique Visitor means the if some one from America, Canada, Australia or England click on your links the rate for these uniqe visitors are different.

List of the URL Shorteners

How to Work...!
 After sign up verify the email address and sign in to the network you sign up. These all networks almost same just have little difference only. These all websites contains blox like show below.

Make Money From Social Media,Best Blogger Zone
Make Money From Social Media,Best Blogger Zone
You just have to copy the link you want to share on social media and paste that link in the box as shown in above and press shrink buttom they will give you a short (small Link). You have to Copy that link and have to share on any social media pate form.


  1. Those who have to many friends , groups communities, followers, can make good ammount by using this method. 
  2. Those who have blog can also make extra amount by monetizing the out going link with Adf.ly. Adf.ly offers pop up ads also.

Your Turn:
I hope you like our this tutorial How to Make Money from Social Media. Share this tutorial with friend on facebook, twitter, google plus.


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