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How to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa is the amazon company and gives ranks to all the website on internet so every blogger wish to increase the alexa rank of his or her site. Alexa rank can only increase when your website has many visitors daily. If your blog has good alexa rant then the your blog will get on first page in the search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc. Now Best Blogger Zone presents a trick to Increase Alexa Rank. As every one know that traffic is the basic this to improve the ranking of site in search engine so question comes in mind how to get traffic  to increase site rank in alexa or search engines.Here is the site by using which you can get large amount of traffic to your blog of website. Click Here to visit site

Hitleap is the traffic exchange from where you can buy minutes fro which you will get traffic. Can't buy minutes?? Here is a solution..! You have to earn minutes by traffic exchange simply you have to visit others site from hitleap software which you can download from your hitleap account. If your blog is new then you should try this to increase your site rant and rating on alexa and search engines.

Method To Earn Minutes on Hitleap

  1. Sign Up to Hitleap
  2. Verify you email Address 
  3. Sign in to you account
  4. Go to Traffic Exchange
  5. Download Hitleap Viewer from your account
  6. Install it in your PC
  7. Sign in with you hitleap account
  8. Open Hitleap Viewer 
  9. Go to Traffic Exchange
  10. Start Exchanging 
  11. You will earn minutes.
How to Submite you site in Hitleap Exchange

  • Go to Hitleap Account
  • Open My Websites 
  • Click Add a website URL
  • Choose the minutes for which you site will be views from traffic exchange. 
  • Click Add Website
Last Words
Using Hitleap you will increase your alexa rank and also get good ranking in search engine after getting good alexa rank. You Blog should have quality of content so that visitors attract towards your blog.

Your Turn
 Share this tutorial with your friends and help them to increase there blog ranking in alexa. We will try our best to gives you more tutorials. If you have any question you can ask in comment section or contact us.


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