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Blogger Special Settings

Blogger Special Setting , Blogger SEO Free Blogger setting Before doing anything on your blog you should have to do some setting. In this tutorial you will learn how to do some special setting on the default setting of blogger blog. These settings are very important for your blog because by doing this you are optimizing your blog in search engine. If you want to optimize and want to make your blog looks good follow the below guide. We hope you will learn something really good. If you do the set as teached in this tutorial your blog will be one of the best.

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  • Blogger Special Settings
First of all go to your settings. If you don't find setting option the see below picture and follow the next step.
Blogger Special Setting , Blogger SEO Free Blogger setting
Then Go to Basic Sub menu 
  1.  In Title Section Write your blog title. Example . My First Blog on Blogger
  2. Write the Description for your blog which may or may be displayed on your blog depends upon you.
Do same as below picture.
Blogger Special Setting , Blogger SEO Free Blogger setting
     3.  Now if you wants to change your blog Privacy you can change from here but if you want to see your blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc do not change any thing. Keep everything to default in Privacy section.
Blogger Special Setting , Blogger SEO Free Blogger setting

Now Go to Post And Comment Sub Menu of Setting.

    4.  You will see the page shown below. If you want to show few number of post on your blog then change 7 with any number you want like 6 , 5 or 4 etc. You can also change the Template of post form second option.

    In Comment Setting you Should do these settings if you do not wants to get spam comments. This setting is recommended setting for every blog. But you can use your own settings,
Blogger Special Settings
Blogger Special Settings
  5.  Now  Go to Language and Formatting
 Choose the language of your blog and Enable user to translate your blog and you will aslo get help while writing post.
Choose the Formatting of Time Zone , Date Header Format etc as shown in below picture.
 Blogger Special Settings
  6 . Important Step: Meta Tag. Here you have to write meta tag description for your blog which is very imortant for your blog. Google Search engine get help from meta description to find yout blog.
Blogger Special Settings

Your Turn
We hope you like our this tutorial and also find it help full. Share this tutorial with your friends and loved once. We try our best to help you if you find any problem Contact Us we try to reply you as soon as possible. 


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